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Initial Consultation

THA offers you an Initial Consultation Service to establish the feasibility and viability of your project.

This consists of an evaluation of the practical data concerning the construction, the chances of obtaining the building permit, as well as the implications in terms of costs and deadlines.

We also explore some layout possibilities and provide a written report a few days after the consultation on site.

This sequence of works does not commit you to the rest of the project, but it gives you a lot of food for thought and a good idea of our working methods.


You can request this service before committing to a full contract.

Fees vary depending on the size of the project. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Our fees are in line with the recommendations of the National Council of the Order of Architects.

Depending on the specifics of each project and the extent of the services requested, the fees for residential projects can be estimated to represent between 15% and 22% of the construction costs.

For commercial projects beyond several tens of millions of €, the range of fees is generally between 7% and 10% of the construction costs.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your project for more details.


The VAT applicable to architect's fees is 10% on renovation projects which are entrusted to an architect under a full contract, that is to say from the design to the completion of the works.

For other projects, either new construction or partial renovation,  VAT is 20%.

Informing you

Fee estimates are communicated to you before starting work. You can decide to stop the project at any time according to the agreed contractual conditions. A compensation fee may apply.

We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you maintain control of your budget at all times and receive the best value for money from our services.

We can lead every step of the project.
We have to evaluate the project before we can give any ideas of costs, even approximate ones.

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