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Tim Harris fell in love with architecture at a very young age and won a national conceptual design competition at age 19.

He studied architecture at the Edinburgh University and graduated with faculty honours.

Tim worked for architectural firms in Sydney, Belfast, Paris and London, before setting up on his own. He has managed projects as varied as hospitals, large commercial areas and residential buildings.


After a degree in international business from the school ESSEC BBA, Anne has worked in various leading marketing and advertising agencies in London, developing expertise in project management, customer service, marketing and sales management.


At THA, Anne manages and implements customer service, as well as business and marketing management.

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Nasir studied architecture in the Netherlands. With over 15 years of experience and a passion for CAD, he has become a fluent expert in an impressive number of specialized software suites.

Prior to joining THA, he worked as a BIM Coordinator for Richard Rogers Architects in London. He is also experienced as a technical engineer, systems administrator and architectural technician in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dublin and London.

A THA, Nasir develops the technical drawings and systems that allow our firm to offer the best in_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf535-d591 quality of drawings -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and architectural images.


Florianne studied architecture at National School of Architecture of Versailles, but also in Athens, for a year on an Erasmus exchange.

Winner of the prize for diplomas and dissertations from the house of architecture, she is passionate about ecological architecture and horse riding and joined our team after her first professional experience in Paris, where she was able to pass the final and practical accreditation. as an architect (HMONP).

At THA, Florianne actively participates in the conceptual and administrative development of projects.

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Lucie studied architecture atNational School of Architecture of Versailles,with a stopover by the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design of Cordoba in Argentina. She joined us after some experience on public and sustainable projects in Paris. She successfully passed fer final qualification of HMONP in Toulouse, whilst working in our practice.

At THA, Lucie brings her enthusiasm for sustainable architecture and climate adaptation, as well as her creativity.

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After some professional experience in the restaurant business, Amy successfully qualified in accounting and payroll management. 

In her spare time, she enjoys recharging her batteries in nature with her family and her dog.

At THA, she provides perfectly bilingual assistance to the team and to the clients for all matters relating to administrative activities.


​Sofia studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Spéciale d'Architecture de Grenoble. She worked in architectural agencies in Casablanca, Paris and Carcassonne, on projects of luxury residential homes, commercial property renovations and social housing.

She enjoys focusing more particularly on the matter of light, materiality but also functionality. Passionate about graphics and photography in addition to architecture, she is always looking for new experiences and challenges.


At THA, Sofia brings her architectural experience, as well as her rigor and passion.


We have developed a network of specialized partners, with whom we work daily.

These are heritage architects, certified surveyors, BIM architects, construction consultants, technical designers, etc. 

This allows us to exercise the highest level of expertise for each element of the mission according to the specificities and progress of the project.




We stand in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Order of Architects.

To view it, just click on the link below:

Code of Ethics of the Order of Architects.

Tim Harris is an architect who graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, with a master's degree specializing in intelligent, that is to say ecological, buildings.

He is a member of both theOrder of Architects and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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