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Initial consultation


We provide an initial consultation which establishes both the feasibility and viability of your project.


This is an assessment of the practical issues with respect to construction, the chances of gaining planning permission and the time and cost implications.

We also look at the design possibilities and explore some of the alternatives.


This consultation covers a great number of issues and gives you a good idea of how we work.

You can ask for this service prior to committing to a full contract, with no obligation to procede. 

The fee for the Initial consultation varies in line with the size of the project.

Please contact us for more information.



Architect fees


Our fees follow recommendations from The RIBA and the Ordre des Architectes.


Depending on the type of project and the extent of the services which are required, fees for residential projects can be expected to fall in a bracket of 15% to 22% of construction costs. A minimal fee may apply to smaller construction budgets.


For large commercial projects, they generally range between 7% and 10% of construction costs.


Please contact us for more information.






In France, 2 VAT rates apply depending on the type of project and on the contract. It is 10% for full architectural contracts on renovation projects, and 20% for New Build and partial renovation projects.




Informing you


Our estimated fees are communicated to you before starting any phase of work.


You can decide to stop architectural work at any stage, subject to compliance with contractual clauses, construction norms and planning laws.  


We work hand-in-hand in order to ensure that you keep control of your budget et benefit from the best possible value for money with regards to our services. 


We can lead the project through all the stages from inception to completion.We need to make an assessment of the project before giving you an idea of the fees for the works.

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